Dolbey Fusion Suite

Fusion Voice


 An enterprise-wide dictation management system that allows users to increase productivity in the dictation and transcription workflow. 

Fusion Text


A highly customizable transcription platform that manages reports from dictation to signature. 

Fusion Speech


Front End Speech - Dictate the patient story, self edit the narrative, sign and complete. Once and done. 

Back End Speech - Dictate however you want, send recognized narrative for editing. No training required. 

Fusion CAC


Provide a more standardized and streamlined process enabling coders to complete work in less time with more accuracy.

Fusion Clinical Documentation


Improve the documentation experience by allowing CDI specialists and coders to collaborate within one system.

Fusion Narrate


Use speech recognition with neural network technology, exceptional cloud-based accuracy and powerful automations to dictate effortlessly into any application.  

Fusion Voice


Fusion Voice® is enterprise dictation management. From the largest hospitals and medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) to clinics, physician offices, law offices, police departments and insurance companies, more depend on Fusion to run their daily business of dictation than any other system.

Flexible Dictation Options:

Telephone Dictation

Use any telephone to dictate to Fusion Voice while the telephone keypad controls the recorder. There is no need to retrain your authors, Fusion will adapt on an individual basis to the keypad commands they already know. Fusion Voice supports both standard telephone connections or takes full advantage of a VoIP telephone environment for bigger savings and greater flexibility.

PC-Based Dictation

Many physicians dictate at or near a PC, Fusion Dictation provides the tools to dictate with installed software and optional microphones. Fast, easy and secure, Fusion Dictation offers support of nearly any standard computer microphone or special dictation microphone. Integrate with your Radiology PACs or clinical EMR systems for time-savings and accuracy.

Mobile Dictation Solutions

Fusion Voice supports nearly all digital portable dictation devices from portable dictation recorders to smartphones. Dictation on-the-go is a necessity for many care providers and Fusion can meet this need with an option that allows for the entry of patient identifiers at the point of dictation or the unique and exclusive interface to your patient schedule.

Flexible Transcription Options:

PC-Based Transcription

Fusion Player™ is the most widely used medical transcription playback option in the market today. Turn any PC workstation into a playback machine with a USB headset and foot pedal. Access assigned jobs, play back audio, mark complete, schedule for QA and edit incorrect demographics.

Station-Based Transcription

If a PC is not an option, Fusion Voice still supports transcription playback from new dedicated transcription stations that provide the headset and foot pedal over a phone line. Fusion Voice even supports legacy transcription stations from Dolbey or other manufacturers to lower entry costs.

Fusion Text


Highly productive, customizable and completely integrated; these are crucial components essential for every healthcare document management system. Dolbey’s transcription software, Fusion Text® is recognized as the industry leader for features and customer satisfaction. Extend in-house functionality to remote workers with ease while maintaining control. Manage reports from dictation to signature, distribution to final document archival in this highly customizable and feature rich system. 

Increased Productivity

Key components of this solution enable the transcriptionist to work faster and easier with greater precision than ever before. Speed typing, customized formats, medical spell checking and stored routines are highlights of the tool kit and are easy to learn for all transcription staff.

Industry Adherence

Based upon MS/Word and MS/SQL this system can utilize your networks, your servers and your PC workstations to create a fast, reliable, HIPAA friendly and tamper-proof text processing system.

Physician Focus

The demands upon your healthcare providers are high and our solutions accommodate their needs with precision. Physician Profile logs, tracks and compiles physician specific data and preferences. Interface to nearly every HIS, dictation or chart management system. Registration, order and dictation data are captured and automatically fused into the transcribed document. Nearly every HIS, RIS and LIS system is already supported and HL-7 protocols are standard.

Cost Vs. Profit Center

Features and options offer tools to develop and easily report on incentive pay policies, production pay plans and even billing of your customers. Turn excess transcription capability into a profit center.

Configurable Distribution

In addition to real-time printing of transcribed reports, you can elect to add batch sorting, printing to floors, faxing, emailing and document file uploading all based upon facility, report type and physician preferences.

View and Sign

Offer a state of the art electronic signature and document viewing system that provides on-site and remote access to transcribed reports within seconds after they are typed. Rules based system can restrict privileges by site, user and other policy rules satisfying HIPAA guidelines. Physicians can edit, dictate edit instructions and sign reports from nearly any secure login.

Complete Management

Every keystroke is measured, every minute is accounted for and every access or output is tracked and logged in your document management. Use our point-n-click reporting tools or customize the report writer to meet your specific needs.

Fusion Speech


Dolbey Speech Recognition solutions uniquely deliver an ease of use that guarantees your success at implementing speech powered narratives. With a single installation of Nuance's SpeechMagic™ speech engine, along with Dolbey's Fusion application and innovative architecture, clinicians have the ability to migrate between front-end and back-end speech recognition utilizing all of their language model adaptation, the same report formats, configurations, output distribution and interfaces. The Fusion Suite of products uniquely uses a single platform for any mode of physician dictation or speech recognition. Fusion Expert® - FES, Fusion Speech® - BES and Fusion SpeechEMR® have been awarded Best in KLAS for speech recognition in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015/2016, 2018 and 2019. Fusion Narrate Cloud-based speech recognition that is as flexible as it is functional. One-click installation.

Fusion Speech/Back-end Speech - Dictate however you want, send recognized narrative for editing - No training required. BES technology delivers exceptional accuracy out of the box and requires no physician training or changes in practice patterns. However, not every physician has the immediate desire, or perhaps is not a good candidate, to use speech recognition. Fusion Speech enables a clinician to capture the patient story in the dictation method to which they are accustomed and sends the recognized narrative to transcription for editing. Utilizing voice fi les for acoustical adaptation, the solution learns with each dictation, resulting in a near seamless transition when the physician is ready to migrate to front-end speech. As transcription edits reports in the background, they are training the system to be even more accurate, improving the already exceptional out-of-the-box recognition rate.

Fusion Expert/Front-end Speech - Dictate the patient story, self-edit the narrative, sign and complete - Once and done. Unlike other front-end products, award winning Fusion Expert/FES is not a separate system. It uses the same report formats, configurations, output distribution and interfaces as Fusion Speech/BES. In a single system, Fusion accommodates the physician who prefers real-time speech recognition and self-editing, as well as the user who wants to utilize the productivity of transcription/editing, all with a single speech license. The flexibility of Dolbey's speech solutions comes from the user controlled options for creating the workflow that each user requires to be successful. Fusion Expert provides the accuracy to make speech recognition attainable by more physicians than ever before. Dolbey speech recognition is an essential tool for delivering results quickly and accurately and Fusion Expert meets the demands of critical results reporting for radiology, cardiology or the detailed reporting required in emergency and general clinical reporting.

Fusion SpeechEMR - Document directly into your EMR. No interfacing needed - Immediately available

This patented feature of the Fusion Expert software allows a clinician to use speech recognition with recognized text inserted into almost any free form text area without the need for specialized interfacing or integration to the third-party application. With Fusion SpeechEMR, physicians now have the ability to dictate into Fusion reports as well as medical reporting applications of any vendor or type. Routines (templates/normals) provide users with rapid entry of text, saving time and improving accuracy. While many of the same voice commands familiar to clinicians in front-end speech recognition are also available in Fusion SpeechEMR, they can also create their own voice commands to further control the EMR application. The user can look up vital signs or check the latest lab values while continuing to capture the patient story. Once a Fusion SpeechEMR dictation has been initiated, the physician can navigate and place focus on any other application during the process of dictating. Neither Fusion Expert nor the other application needs to maintain focus in order to continually capture additional narrative, allowing for a seamless workflow for the user.

Fusion CAC


Fusion CAC Computer-Assisted Coding - Fusion CAC™ is designed to enhance the manual process of coding and CDI by automating code suggestions at the point of document creation. Fusion CAC presents the coders with a list of preselected codes for verification, producing a faster process with more consistent results. Fusion CAC can code all patient types from a single platform. The NLP software at the core of Fusion CAC is designed to code charts using the ICD-10-CM-PCS and CPT4 code sets. Coders can realize productivity increases of 25% or more. As regulatory code updates and best practices change, Fusion CAC is tuned to adapt to maintain a highly accurate outcome. Fusion CAC was an early pioneer in computer-assisted coding with implementations producing tangible results from community hospitals to large, multi-site health systems. This combination of experience and innovation places you on the fast track towards capturing the advantage from the technology that is transforming medical coding. Not all computer-assisted coding is made equally. Dolbey’s team of top industry experts work with you every step of the way to deliver results. 

Sophisticated Reporting with Fusion CAC 

For many, the process of coding incorporates several systems. This leaves coding leadership with very few automated reporting tools. With Fusion CAC, you can report on nearly every event that occurs in your coding process. This new, innovative approach to outcome analysis can lead to smarter managerial decisions regarding staff, workflow, physician documentation and revenue. The Dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of your backlog, completed charts and billed charts in real time. For multi-site organizations, view data from the top or focus on the detail of one hospital or one group of users. Review statistics of expected revenue daily as well as inpatient and outpatient discharges. Drill down by day, by coder or by patient account to review the history of coding events and the system’s performance. For many, the process of coding incorporates several systems. This leaves coding leadership with very few automated reporting tools. 

Benefits and Features 

Electronic Query Tools 

Code Suggestion Begins on Day One 

Management Dashboard

CDI Integration

Interactive Edits

Concurrent Coding Ability 

Accepts Multiple Document Type Formats 

Automatic Suggestion of Working DRG 

Integrates to Your Existing Encoder 

Flexible Automatic Workflow for Coding CDI and QA

Single Platform for All Patient Types 

Query Opportunity Indicators 

Having successfully implemented and proven the results of computer-assisted coding, Dolbey is ready to introduce you to the next generation of benefits from CAC. Our innovative customers have added ideas and new functionality. Fusion CAC has proven potential to dramatically enhance the coding workflow by providing a more standardized and streamlined process enabling coders to work smarter not harder. 

Available Encoder & Research Tools 

Now, the most experienced Computer-Assisted Coding solution has an optional built-in encoder; everything you need in one single solution for coding and CDI. This optional feature allows for you to replace or use your existing encoder; however, the value of the encoder has quickly changed with the advent of CAC. Coders don’t start with blank screens; they start with suggested codes that link into the chart documentation. Fusion CACe™ takes this experience to the next level. Now, as coders validate the results of the CAC solution, they have real-time exposure to edits and reference material to better determine the best code selection. Fusion CACe offers a signature Research Pane providing coders with reference material at their fingertips, further refining the coding process. This powerful tool is updated monthly to deliver the most up-to-date information for confidence in coding. Designed as a constant source of reference support without interfering in the coding process, the Research Pane provides as much or as little assistance as your coders require. One solution for everything your coders and CDI staff need. The available integrated encoder provides research, coding clinics, edits, groupers and more! 

Complete Document Workflow from Start to Finish 

Documentation Improvement - As soon as there are documents in a patient chart, Fusion CAC is already suggesting codes. CDI work queues guide your staff to the patient accounts that need their attention with an automatic, suggested working DRG. Query physicians and append chart notes for team members all within one solution. 

Coding and Analytics - As the core functionality of Fusion CAC, coders benefit from expert code suggestions on day one. Faster, more accurate coding leads to cost savings and better case mix. Leverage the advantage of Fusion CAC’s AutoClose capability to send simpler outpatient accounts straight to billing with 100% accuracy. Quality Auditing Meeting productivity levels is an important goal, but achieving accuracy is an absolute requirement. Fusion CAC makes quality auditing easier than ever before. Create audit work queues based on your own custom criteria. Fusion CAC presents coded events with queries, notes, codes and documents for easy review.

Quality Auditing - Meeting productivity levels is an important goal, but achieving accuracy is an absolute requirement. Fusion CAC makes quality auditing easier than ever before. Create audit work queues based on your own custom criteria. Fusion CAC presents coded events with queries, notes, codes and documents for easy review.

Fusion Clinical Documentation

Clinical Documentation Solutions

Custom Query Opportunity Indicators 

Advance your CDI program by using Fusion CDI to pinpoint Query Opportunities on an easy to use worklist. Fusion CDI leverages NLP to do the heavy lifting of reading though the patient chart in advance to give your CDI team the cliff notes of possible opportunities. Fusion CDI is easily adaptable to the industry changes in conjunction with your organization’s unique challenges and common targets.

Coder/CDI Collaboration Tools 

Fusion CAC enhances the entire coding and CDI experience with NLP and Collaboration Tools. Providing a full workspace for both coding and CDI – allowing them to leverage the power that NLP brings to the collaborative workspace. Fusion CAC enhances the entire process as soon as documentation starts. Identifying problems while the patient is still in-house, providing better, more thorough documentation, streamlining the entire process, enabling coders to complete work in less time with more accuracy.

Concurrent Workflow 

As documentation is being created, the power of NLP-powered Fusion CDI allows for realtime patient census queues that filter based on demographics. Fusion CDI prioritizes based upon CC/MCCs, readmission, LOS and much more.

Reconciliation Workflow 

Fusion CAC will automatically reconcile charts where the working and final DRG’s match. If the DRG’s do not match, the reconciliation workflow will place the chart into a queue for CDI intervention.

Fusion DocCheck and Computer Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD)

What is Fusion DocCheck?

Computer-assisted documentation system

· Seamlessly integrates with Fusion SpeechEMR, Fusion Expert for Radiology and Fusion Narrate

· Offers the provider feedback on deficiencies, on consistencies and other important notifications during the document creation process

· Improve reporting quality and efficiencies

· Saves the provider time by reducing follow-up documentation changes and responses to queries

· Configurable to meet each facility’s needs

Fusion DocCheck Technology   

Dolbey owned and developed

· Utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP)

· Utilizes Unified Medical Language System – Provided through the National Institute of Health (NIH) as the base medical terminology database. Includes ICD-10-PCS, ICD-CM, SNOMED CT, RadLex, RadLex Playbook, and CPT codes

· Premise based

· Microsoft SQL server for result tracking and browser-based reporting

· Rules based NLP engine is fast and customizable.

Fusion Narrate


Speech Recognition Cloud-Based Solutions

Document your patient’s story right the first time.

Fusion Narrate® powered by nVoq™ leverages superior cloud-based speech recognition using recurrent neural network technology, providing exceptional accuracy and helping providers to hit the ground running with no initial training phase. Using a USB or wireless microphone, providers can dictate directly into any application and benefit from many of Dolbey’s already available flexible features, including CAPD, to assist in documentation workflow. A simple, quick web-based install with numerous workflow enhancements coupled with the same service and stability Dolbey has always provided delivers the efficiency and productivity your healthcare organization demands.

  • Recurrent neural network technology
  • Wireless microphone for iOS and Android
  • CAPD with Fusion DocCheck™ NLP Engine
  • No on-site servers, simple web-based install
  • Direct speech input with any  application
  • Vision-based voice commands

Additional Features

  • Web-based user administration
  • Application virtualization support
  • Numerous medical specialty speech topics 
  • Automatic software updates 
  • Easy to configure voice commands for automation 
  • Streamlined user interface 
  • Speech optimization and learning services 
  • Customizable vocabulary and substitutions