For the Record (FTR) assists courts around the world to capture, store and distribute court recordings and transcripts while also providing fast and secure access to attorneys, parties and court reporters. Our fully-managed solution and service models provide measurable improvements to digital court recording and management processes while protecting court governance with the highest level of security and control.

By working alongside our customers, we’ve learned first-hand that quality audio is the key to success. It underpins the entire court recording lifecycle and is critical to the delivery of broadcast quality audio and video and a precise and fast transcript.

FTR Touch 6.0


FTR Touch 6.0 puts a compact, reliable and easy-to-use digital court recording workstation right at your fingertips.  Its small footprint and reliable performance make this an ideal solution for courts that require HD audio and video recording with minimal operator training.

FTR Touch 6.0 also allows for flexibility in your digital recording environment by interfacing with most USB mixers and IP cameras.

Best of all.....Advanced WiFi Remote Support is now available on the Touch 6.0. 

FTR Log Notes


Leverage the power of FTR Log Notes.


Take the guesswork out of recalling and locating critical moments for playback with FTR Log Notes.

See who spoke at a glance with instantly searchable information.

FTR Log Notes helps court reporters and stakeholders find clarity in any recording.

It is bundled with FTR Manager and FTR Player as part of the FTR Gold Annotation Suite.  

FTR Player


Built for High Speed transcript production and convenience.


Our free audio and video player gives you full channel isolated playback control of the record.

FTR Player is the digital standard for transcription playback.

Take full control over individual recorded channel volume, speech speed, and enjoy seamless integration with log notes and foot pedal control.

Install and use with ease with a new installer and updater, and modern interface.

FTR Player is recommended for transcription purposes. Alternatively, to simply listen to FTR recordings on your PC, Mac or mobile, use our free online Web Player.

FTR Gold


Record with FTR Confidence.


It’s easier than ever to capture and manage court recordings.

The latest version of FTR Gold™ builds on its proven track record with enhanced ease, robust reliability and powerful functionality from intensive development and real world testing.

With more than 130 improvements and powerful new workflow features, including a makeover to the user interface and an easy installer and updater, FTR Gold™ sets a new bar for court recording.

From high fidelity audio and HD video recording, easy annotation and advanced storage, FTR Gold™, with FTR Reporter™, FTR Monitor™, FTR Manager™, FTR Player™ and FTR Log Notes™, has everything you need to record with confidence.

WiFi Services


Infoware’s Secure Cloud Storage 

Off premises data storage is highly recommend by all technology experts.  Through new WiFi technology, Infoware can setup your computer to run backup to our Cloud Storage.  Our typical backup sets run daily each evening.   Files can be viewed and retrieved by downloading to your computer.

Advance WiFi Remote Support

Infoware provides quick service through our Remote access software.  We are able to perform remote diagnostics support from our Office or Tech location,  giving you almost instant support when you need it in the Courtroom.

Recover archived Audio from old equipment and Hard Drives

When we upgrade older FTR Channel Recorders we remove the hard drives and copy your audio files to a thumb drive.  This provides years of previous recordings to add to your Courtroom Audio Library.