Professional Dictation...Simplified


 Record your voice and manage dictation workflow with enhanced clarity and increased flexibility in any environment.

 With advanced features including WiFi technology, a superior noise canceling system, and enhanced structural integrity, the DS-9500 will simplify your workflow and improve dictation management efficiency. WiFi capability enables you to send dictation immediately to your transcriptionist without a USB cord, docking station, or computer. Intelligent dual microphones control the directionality to keep the focus on the person dictating and suppress ambient noise in offices, hospitals, cars, airports, and other noisy environments. A triple layer studio quality filter ensures accurate voice capture while reducing unwanted sounds including breath “pops” and wind vibrations. This ensures superior accuracy and enhanced workflow efficiency. Encapsulated in a 1.5 – meter (4.9-ft) shockproof body and equipped with an optical slide switch, the DS-9500 is designed to be a strong and dependable workhorse in heavy use environments. Complete with 256 bit AES encryption and device pin lock, the DS-9500 provides trusted security for your most sensitive information. 

Revolutionary Voice Systems


 Plenty has changed since Olympus unveiled the world’s first microcassette recorder — the Zuiko Pearlcorder — back in 1969. But plenty has stayed the same, too. As technology has evolved, Olympus has remained the market leader in dictation and digital voice recording equipment. Our current line of Professional Dictation products represents yet another advancement for the industry. They truly are revolutionary voice systems. 

Olympus offers multiple recording devices, including the DS-9500, the DS-9000, the DS-2600, the RecMic II and the Dictation App that runs on the Smartphone.  

Advanced software


 Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software consists of multiple modules, with each specifically designed to cater to the needs of different users. Authors, Transcriptionists and System Administrators can each utilize their respective modules to carry out tasks and manage their dictation workflow. 


Design Workflows that Work. Wherever your workflow begins and ends, Olympus Workflow Software makes it work seamlessly. Set flexible automatic routing with pre-defined destination, or tag files to be sent to multiple destinations quickly and easily. With the DS-9500 digital recorder, it can design workflow that includes wireless file transmission outside the office.

Process More with Less Effort. Speed transcription by adding voice-to-text speech recognition capabilities into your workflow. Olympus ODMS integrates seamlessly with Dragon Naturally Speaking to boost productivity.

Manage Hardware & Software Centrally. No need to keep track of individually licensed and managed devices and systems. The Olympus ODMS Workgroup System makes collective configuration, unique customization and firmware/software updates a snap. Installation, configuration, and permission can all happen behind the scenes.