Speech Processing Solutions

From the no. 1 in professional dictation

 With our comprehensive speech-to-text solutions, the needs of all users in a dictation environment are met and satisfied. Our outstanding reputation for quality and reliability has made us number one in the professional dictation market. Speech Processing Solutions (SPS) is the only full solution provider for all speech-to-text needs, such as software, hardware, and services, from one strong global brand. Practical technology, sophisticated yet simple, allows you to enhance your working environment and simply work smarter. 

Headquarters Vienna, Austria

 Speech Processing Solutions is an international electronics company headquartered in Vienna, Austria. The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets speech-to-text solutions including speech processing devices, such as those used in digital dictation and speech recognition. Speech Processing Solutions was formed on 1 July 2012. Philips Speech Processing was part of the Philips Consumer Lifestyle sector. The company has subsidiaries in the US, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, and Germany, and employs around 170 people worldwide. SPS is the worldwide leader in the professional dictation market. 

Leading in innovation

 Speech Processing Solutions is widely considered the pioneer in professional speech processing. Product innovations such as the Mini-Cassette and the unique four-position slide switch, which enables the Pocket Memo to be operated intuitively with one hand, have become the professional standard. Also, SPS launched the first digital dictation device. Breakthroughs in digital dictation technology include PC-connected dictation solutions like the SpeechMike Premium and SpeechMike Air which are the world‘s leading stationary dictation devices. For mobile dictation, like the Digital Pocket Memo Series, innovations include the Barcode Module for fast and easy coupling of patient/client data to spoken records and Voice Commands which understands spoken commands for easier and more intuitive operation. The unique, yet simple SpeechExec software family turns speech-to-text content and seamlessly integrates speech recognition into the dictation workflow and is considered the leading innovation in the dictation market. Speech Processing Solutions co-developed the Digital Speech Standard (DSS, DSS2) format, together with other companies, establishing with .dss the foundation for simple, fast and above all, standardized processing of digitized speech today. Mobile solutions include the Philips dictation recorder for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android that allow you to record, edit and send dictation files directly from your Smartphone, offering mobile flexibility and reducing document turnaround times. 

Prepared for the future

 In recent years, a comprehensive range of digital recording and transcription solutions have been created in response to increased demand for IT supported workflows. Speech Processing Solutions now offers a solution for almost all IT environments. With the SpeechExec solution family, SPS has further strengthened its “one-stop solution” strategy, delivering software, hardware, and services – catering to everyone involved in the document creation process: dictation authors, secretaries and transcriptionists as well as IT managers and administrative staff. The sophisticated solutions offer businesses quality they can rely on, enhancing their office workflows significantly. By shortening document turnaround times, our software solution further streamlines communication between author and typist. It redefines the role of dictation in any company. The transcription management platform of SpeechExec unites workflow automation, transcription features and speech recognition in one seamless solution. SPS digital dictation solutions are available through a worldwide network of highly skilled, value added resellers and integrators, as well as professional office equipment dealers.